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05 January 2007 @ 09:46 pm
Country and Rock  

This is the feedback post for country_n_rock.

Can't take the angst one more minute and need to vent? Love the angst and can't get enough of it? Love seeing two men get it on with some incredible make up sex? Let us know!
(Anonymous) on February 8th, 2007 04:16 pm (UTC)
Feedback Country_N_Rock
Oh wow...*fans herself*, I wanted to write for days now, but you know, long cold showers take time...
Oh well. Short intro of myself - non-lj-user from Germany, started some time ago as a Spuffy fan and then discovered Chris Kane on Angel - and who exactly was Buffy...?:-)
After the last season I started looking for Spike/Lindsey stories, boy, have I came to the right place here!! I have to confess I never was into m/m slash before, but these two guys? Too good to waste!! And this story just has it... I really like your writing style, so after finishing the Lindsey resp. Chris ones, I think I'll have a go at the others.
But I have a question: is the last country_n_rock entry really from January 1st? I'm pretty sure I read some updates after that day and I remember pretty vivid *ahem* that the boys were right in the middle of...you know. I recall something James saying the bed missed Chris and them mentioning Jensen. Am I right? If so, where are the entries? Or am I so confused that I mixed something up?? If you could clear this up, I'd be very grateful!
So thanks for your fabulous stories, you definitly got me hooked!
Elke "snowyowl"
denied_heaven: chris kane heartdenied_heaven on February 8th, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Feedback Country_N_Rock
oh no haha
we didn't take non lj people into consideration, I'm so sorry! there was an incident of an rp journal being deleted cause it was a real person blah blah so we locked it up but if you could make a lj just for reading purposes, thats how i started out lol, and friend it, you can see everything
or if youd rather not, I can talk to her about opening it up, its probably no big deal
just let me know!
and I am (and im sure steph will be too) so glad that you enjoy it so much! we've started a few spike lindsey ones together and we each have a couple on our journals apart since that's both of ours favorite pairing, so be sure to check those out too!
thanks for letting us know and I'm glad you asked lol
(Anonymous) on February 11th, 2007 08:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Feedback Country_N_Rock
It's back!!! *dances happily* THANK YOU!!!
I couldn't even tell now how exactly I found your LJ - I guess I just googled Spike/Lindsey and tried links that had other links, and as soon as I had this, I bookmarked it, was afraid I wouldn't find it again... And at the moment I'm checking out both of your pages for the other S/L stories, oooohhh...yummy....won't go to bed for the next hours...
If there really is a problem because of the "real people" thing and you have to lock it again, perhaps you could put an info on the "userinfo" page? Because at the moment I'd rather not create a LJ if not necessary, have to think that over. The thing is, you get addicted to reading the story and I have a feeling that it will go on for quite some time... and not being able to follow would be a VERY good reason to create a LJ even if it's a rather empty one...:-)
Anyway, thanks for the fast response and keep on writing - there's not enough Spike/Lindsey in the world!!
Elke "snowyowl"
denied_heaven: lindsey blue shirtdenied_heaven on February 11th, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Feedback Country_N_Rock
you're so welcome!
i doubt we'll lock it again, but if we do, i'll be sure to put it in the user info
our other s/l tags are uhh.. 'tainted wings and sinful purity' and 'ritual justice' and we've also done a couple in more story format lol 'the hell of it' and 'lost in forever'
nyghtpet also has a truly wonderful western cowboy type au called lightning and dust which is amazing
hope you enjoy!
Blondebitzblondebitz on February 8th, 2007 10:40 pm (UTC)
locked entries
Like *anonymous from Germany* I was also confused. I'm so glad that I'm not going mad... well madder than I am already! I adore the tagging fics you write (country_n_rock and Sinful Wings are especially *yummy*) I check several times a day to see if you have updated them and was gutted when entries *vanished* I was reading your reply to anonymous regarding creating an LJ and friend it to open the locked entries... well I managed to create an LJ account...and I'm so sorry to be a pain...I’m completely in the dark about LJ procedure, but how do I friend to view the other entries? I'm sure I'm being very *blonde* and stupid about not knowing how to do this...and I apologise again for being a pain... but if you could help me I would be very grateful.
denied_heaven: ck my fandom wears cowboy hatsdenied_heaven on February 8th, 2007 10:57 pm (UTC)
Re: locked entries
haha I thinnnkk she's just going to unlock them.. we're so sorry lol, it never occured to us that people without lj's would be reading them too
very cool haha
but if you want to use the lj account, you go to the user info of the communities you want to watch and click on the +sign with the lil guy's head *hard to explain*
Blondebitzblondebitz on February 8th, 2007 10:56 pm (UTC)
locked entries
Oh... well colour me *stunned* I can now see the entries. I might not be a dumb as I thought!... doubtful cos I'm not sure what I did ... but hey I can see the entries whoo hooo I'm one very happy bunny. Thank You, Thank You...Luvs and Hugs everyone!
denied_heaven: chris laughingdenied_heaven on February 8th, 2007 10:59 pm (UTC)
Re: locked entries
haha she unlocked the entries
*pets her*
but if you want to still use the lj, i'm sure we can guide you through it lol, you'll become addicted fast
Blondebitzblondebitz on February 8th, 2007 11:22 pm (UTC)
Re: locked entries
Thank you so much for your help. I did understand what you advised. It was very kind of you to be so helpful, and you never know I may become addicted to LJ! If I do I may very well call on your expert knowledge for assistance and guidance through the *maze* of LJ procedures.! Thank you once again for being very helpful and generous to me. *Luvs and Hugs* to you my first LJ contact!
denied_heaven: linds angel eyefuckingdenied_heaven on February 8th, 2007 11:25 pm (UTC)
Re: locked entries
haha i'm glad you understood, *eyes lj* they love making things difficult
and it's no problem, I'm glad you enjoy the coms and hope you have fun reading the parts you've missed!