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14 June 2007 @ 07:14 am
Dark Deals  

This is the feedback post for darkdeals.

Are your eyeballs melting at the hotness? Is it Spike taking what he feels like from little Tyler? Or is it Tyler's innocence and ulterior motives to save the people he loves that makes your heart ache?

Tell us!
Tam 'O Bedlamangstpuppy on August 27th, 2007 07:34 pm (UTC)
Just started this and oh. my. god. *pets pretty Tyler* *checks to see if Spike bit off my fingers*

Wycked: Spike Subway Animnyghtpet on August 27th, 2007 10:38 pm (UTC)
*pets Tyler n pretties him up for his owner/master/whatever*
Glad you're diggin it!