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Authors: nyghtpet and denied_heaven
Title: Impact
Pairing: Spike/Lindsey
Rating: NC17
Warnings: uh pwp lol
Summary: 8,741 words of pure human AU mechanic pwp for novascotiasam’s birthday
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, or anything, really


"Barry? Barry! For fuck's sake will you listen to me?" Spike rolled his eyes and cursed some more as his partner blathered on in a panic. "I'm going to get there, alright? The meeting isn't until two days from now. You can do the prep and schmoozing beforehand, yeah?"

"Yes, yes I know I'm the looks of the agency, but they know you've got the brains to handle the shite. Besides, it's not like we'll die if we don't get another coked-out megastar on our roster."

He was getting strange stares as he walked through the main drag of the town, but honestly, Spike couldn't give a shit. It wasn't like he wanted to be in their sleepy burg anyway. Leave it to the Porsche to get cranky in the middle of nowhere. Was thankful Hank of Hank & Sons or whatever the fuck saved his ass last night, but he was frustrated.

If he wanted to curse into his cell phone, he damn well would.

Wasn't even sure he knew where the hell he was heading, it had been so dead and dark the night before, he wasn't sure he'd recognize the place. Had been more worried about getting back to the only civilized hotel he'd seen and calling Barry to let him know he was stuck in the middle of B.F.E.

Came to a white-washed shack of a place and wrinkled his nose at the smell of turpentine and god knew what else, but it had gas pumps out front and a garage. If it wasn't the place, maybe whoever was here would be able to point him in the right direction.

Saw his precious convertible inside and sighed in relief, suddenly realizing that Barry was still shrieking in his ear. But even then he tuned it out, knocking on the window a moment before noticing the open door in the back of the building.

Rounding the place, he brought the phone back up to his ear and grimaced as he wandered through various rusted old piles of parts. "Barry, will you PLEASE go take your pills? You're giving me a twitch behind my eye."

Stepping into the garage, he looked around and caught sight of a pair of shoes sticking out under the far side of the car and nodded. Thank God the place wasn't unlocked with his baby inside. "Alright, I'm hanging up. I'm hanging UP. Yea-Yeah, Yeah, I will be there. Just take them out, get them toasted and get them ready for me, alright big fella?" He winked, despite the fact he was on the phone. "Knew I could count on ya. Ta."

Snapping the phone shut, he rounded the car, coming up to stand next to the dusty boots he'd seen when he walked in. Leaning against the fender and crossing his arms, he let the silence go for a few moments and let the man work before he finally spoke.

"Thanks for coming in and doing this, mate. Would have really been shit outta luck if you hadn't come around."

At the first sound of that accented voice, Lindsey’d started to slide out from under the Porsche and greet the man, but it had only taken a moment to realize that he hadn’t been the one the guy was talking to. Rolling his eyes to himself, he’d muttered silently, already annoyed he was even there on the only day off he got.

The man not even bothering to acknowledge him just rubbed salt in the wound.

But his ma wouldn’t even hear of his dad skipping church, no matter how much money the ‘big shot from some big city’ had paid to have his car fixed before noon, so he hadn’t really had much choice. He could tell his dad no without a problem but damn, that woman got scary when she didn’t get what she wanted.

So he was flat on his back, covered in oil and grime, when he’d much rather be sleeping off the hangover from the night before. He’d missed his friends like hell the months he’d been away, just one of the reasons he’d agreed to come home over break to help his dad out, but Jesus, he’d forgotten how hard they partied.

Ears picking up the sound of that rough accent again, he felt a lot of the annoyance grudgingly slip away at the man’s grateful words. Though it was obvious he thought Lindsey was his father.

Giving the wrench a couple more tugs, he slid out from under the car smoothly, rolling his shoulders and wiping grease-streaked hands on his old, faded jeans. Grimacing down at the new rips in the worn denim before slowly shoving up onto his feet and finally looking at the man in front of him.

His pale blue eyes widened just the slightest bit, fingers fishing in one tight pocket for the already filthy rag to finish wiping off his hands best he could as he looked the stranger up and down. Definitely too rich for this town, easily read from his clothes to the way he carried himself.

“Not a problem,” he finally answered, flashing him a slow grin, shoving the rag back in his pocket. “She’s almost ready, just have to run a couple more checks.”

Well, this wasn't the guy who had towed him last night.

Spike was more than a little taken back by the humored, pale eyes shining out from under the oil and a shag of dark hair. And every last bit of him muscled, too.

Maybe Mayberry wasn't as bad as he thought it was.

"Sorry, thought you were Hank." He thought about offering his hand, half on reflex and half on ‘god those arms look good’, but thought better of it. Clearly the guy had been working awhile and while Spike had tried to dress down, oil on his jeans would probably not be a great fashion statement.

"And who might you be, luv?" The slight endearment rolled right off his tongue without realizing it, not even really caring how the kid took it. Sure, a poncey looking guy could get his ass whipped in a town like this, but for this one, he'd take his chances.

From the tight, fraying jeans that were barely hanging on for dear life to the threadbare t-shirt giving Spike flirty little flashes of smooth, tan abs, this one was quite a sight. A sight far too pretty for a town like this.

He was going to have to see how much fun he could have with this one.

There was just the smallest flicker of surprise in Lindsey’s eyes at the man’s words, tone, before he grinned and cocked his head slightly, letting his eyes trail up and down the man again, slower this time. A couple years back and he might not have picked up on the look in the blonde’s eyes, but college was good for more than one kind of experimentation and small town boy that he was, he’d taken advantage of them all.

Hadn’t been something he’d tried more than once or twice and he definitely hadn’t been looking for it here but he couldn’t deny there was something about the man that sent heat shivering through him. Something besides his looks, though God knew that would have been enough.

Of course, he could be wrong about the signals he was sending and the absolute last thing he ever needed was some guy complaining to his dad that he’d hit on them, so he simply shrugged and walked past the man to grab an old rag of a t-shirt, wiping over his face to clean up some of the sweat and grime.

“Hank’s my dad,” he told him, dropping the shirt and walking back over to the car, popping open the hood.

Eyes curious as he glanced over at the man calmly standing there, raking back his hair, which was inches longer than his mother would like it, tucking it behind an ear with two too many piercings than either of his parents liked, to keep it out of his way.

“Sorry it’s takin’ so long, it took longer than we’d thought to figure out what was wrong with her,” he apologized, casting an admiringly fond look at the gorgeous piece of machinery. “Not what we’re used to workin’ on.”

Spike's tongue flicked out over his lip and he smirked at the kid as he got sized up. Didn't mind if he took a look, especially since it was clear he liked what he saw. Would make the rest of the afternoon go that much easier.

"No problem. I'm in your debt, after all." He'd paid Hank three times his going rate last night to get her up and running and he had no doubt it would be something simple.

Temperamental bit of machinery was constantly coughing and sputtering for one reason or another. The trick was finding what exactly was wrong.

And this little cowboy could take as long as he wanted as far as Spike was concerned. Just as long as he got to watch and appreciate.

Sidled up next to the other man, eyes tracing over those ruddy, long-fingered hands as they petted over the detailing. "Was wondering, would you mind taking it for a test spin when you're done tuning her up? Want to make sure she's 100% before I head off."

He wasn't an idiot, hell, envy was half the reason he bought the damn thing. And anything to give the boy a thrill, get him buttered up, was enough of a reason for him.

Already he had images of licking the sweat off the back of that gorgeous neck, biting his way up to those piercings that had to be a personal vendetta against mom and pop. Made him wonder if there were any more little rings or studs hiding anywhere. Probably not, the kid was still a hometown boy, make no mistake. Acting out, but not too kinky. Whatever, as long as he kept casting Spike those sidelong glances and smirking like that, he could be as straight-laced as he wanted.

As long as Spike got a crack at him.

"It's quiet round here." He let his fingers trail along the cherry red finish as he circled the hood, leaned on the top of the windshield. "Guess you all are the god-fearing type?" The laid-back, unhurried air about the guy told him that maybe the town was, but he wasn't. Made him the obvious choice to be up and working at the crack of dawn on a Sunday.

"Never was one for church, myself. All that blathering on for hour after hour, gets right tedious. Can be nice at times, with the singing and all, but just isn't the place for me." He gave the guy's ass a long, appreciative inspection as he turned for something on the table behind him.

"Name's Spike, by the way."

Lindsey knew his eyes must have lit up at the idea of driving the little beauty but he couldn’t mind. Planned to have the money to afford something like this of his own, one day, but he wasn’t too proud to turn down a chance to get behind the wheel of one right now.

He cast an amused glance the man’s way as he rambled on a little, lips twitching as he replied, “Of course it is,” to the mention of his name.

Only someone as secure and powerful as the man seemed to be would call himself something like ‘Spike’. Seemed to suit him though, so made no nevermind to him. Could be worse.

Leaned back down over the engine more than strictly needed, practically feeling the heat of the man’s eyes through the seat of his jeans, before wiping his hands down his thighs and turning towards him again.

“Lindsey,” he returned, smirk teasing at his lips as he spread out his hands. “I’d offer a hand to shake but I’m afraid I’d get ya all dirty.” He didn’t seem the type to appreciate it.

He glanced around the empty garage, streets, shrugging a little before letting his eyes slide back to Spike’s. “It’ll be a ghost town until after noon,” he affirmed, “hope you weren’t plannin’ on findin’ breakfast anywhere. Not really stepped foot in church in years, much to my mama’s dismay.”

Eyes laughing as he made a chagrined face before bending back over to work on the engine some more.

“Always had a little too much fun Saturday night to be gettin’ my ass out of bed that early.”

"Oh," Spike purred, turning to rest a hip on the car, "You're the kind to break your poor mum's heart, then?" The grin on his face was inviting and lethal.

"Must give the bars and the birds a run for their money."

Tore his eyes away for a moment to take a look at what Lindsey was doing before taking in the garage, the bright sun pouring through the windows. "You like workin' for pop? I'd probably kill mine if I had to work for him."

Lindsey laughed, shaking his head. "Naw, she's got her hands too full with five other kids and my dad to worry too bad about the state of my soul."

The conversation was edging further and further from polite small talk but he couldn't say he minded, figuring the man was just bored. Though the look on his face was anything but, causing Lindsey to grin back before he could stop himself, the day having already been so much more interesting than he'd thought it would be.

He turned back to the engine and shrugged again, lips curving into a fond smile as he thought of his dad. Man worked himself to death for them all and wouldn't have it any other way.

Lindsey was determined to take a good part of that burden away as soon as he could, which was why he was only eyeing the prospective firms that would give him the most money, the soonest possible.

"He's a good man. There's worse things I could be doin'," was all he answered finally, dropping the hood back down and stretching, a groan on his lips from the kinks in his back and neck.

And there was that flash of defined muscle peeking over his waistband again. Evil.

"This what you're always gonna be up to, then?" Spike strolled closer as Lindsey groaned and worked the knots out of his neck. "If I break down in your neck of the woods a couple years down the line, you'll be here to save my ass yet again?"

Came face to face with the frat boy fantasy, smirk small and seductive.

"Or are you gonna run off and use that lovely accent of yours on all the pretty young things from here to LA?"

Cocking his head at the older man, Lindsey smiled slightly. "I could be. Why, you make a habit of breakin’ down in the middle of nowhere?” he teased, dropping his hand back down from his neck.

The blonde was close, a lot closer than he’d been a few moments ago, and Lindsey fidgeted, hands sliding over his thighs restlessly. Leaning back lightly against the hood of the car as the look on the man’s face slid to something almost predatory.

Took a chance that he wasn’t misreading the man and tilted his head back, meeting that gaze head on, a dark brow crooking up just the slightest bit in a challenging manner.

“And why’ve I got the feelin’ you know all about usin’ a lovely accent on unsuspectin’ ‘pretty young things’?”

Spike's grin grew slowly, widening higher on one side. "Oh, I don't know where you got such a silly idea, pet." He wrapped his lips around the words, letting the rise and fall of his chest draw him in imperceptibly closer.

"You do have quite a charming accent, though. Sound like a glass of lemonade on a hot day when all you can think about is a drink."

The tension was swelling, crackling as the distance got shorter and shorter between them. But he didn't want to break it, not just yet. Took to walking behind Lindsey, circling him slow as he appraised him carefully.

"And it comes in such a nice package..."

Every word from the man’s mouth seemed to drive home that no, Lindsey definitely wasn’t reading him wrong.

Lindsey swallowed roughly as Spike came even closer, the older man giving off a presence that seemed to touch him, measure him, sliding up and down his body like the man’s eyes did. Kept still as Spike walked around behind him, unable to stop the small shiver that slid down his spine at the feeling of being stalked.

There were few people who could make him nervous anymore and he usually hid it a whole hell of a lot better when they did but there was just something about this man.. The way his eyes seemed to strip him bare, in more ways than one. The look in them that said he didn’t take no for an answer because, really, who the hell would tell him no?

He knew he sure as fuck wouldn’t, nerves or not.

His eyes caught the older man’s as he circled back around him, before taking that step to put them almost within touching distance. He’d always been one to jump in with both feet.

“Yeah? You like what you see, then?”

"Oh isn't it obvious, little Lindsey?" Spike’s fingers itched to reach out, touch. See what all that skin felt like drawn so snug over all that defined muscle.

"I'm liking everything about you."

He stepped in, a breath separating them and the moment lingered, a kiss so close to happening that it nearly fucking hurt. But Spike did love dragging it out, making it last. Have them both starving for it so by the time that they did get on with it, it was like leaping off a 50-foot drop.

Leaned in, breath the only thing grazing Lindsey's ear as he purred into it, tickling the shell.

"Your eyes, that damn voice of yours, that tight little ass..."

Lindsey almost took a step back, away from the intenseness of the older man, the bold words, but he had a feeling that that would be a stupid move. He’d just never had any experience with anyone like this man.

The two guys he’d messed around with at school had been his age, good buddies of his who didn’t have any more clue about what they were doing than he did. He had a feeling that this man.. he knew exactly what he was doing.

His skin was prickling as a chill went through him at the warm huff of breath along his ear, relieved when Spike took a step back to run his eyes over him again. Cocked his head back, half-smirk curling his lips.

“Ain’t half bad, yourself.”

Moved back to the car, mostly just to give his hands something to do because his mind was certainly not focused on fixing the man’s Porsche.

Spike snorted none too delicately as the boy tried to play things off. But he knew what it was like to be his age, what was most readily available to play with. Something told him that Lindsey wasn't too far out of drunken fumblings in some small, cramped rooms.

The way he turned his back, walked away, it was damn cute of him. But Spike had been around, had his fair share of just about every type in the book. And none of them had ever been that hard to figure out.

Strode over to the kid as he lifted up the hood again, began tinkering away at god knew what. Didn't matter to Spike and he was pretty damn sure it didn't matter at all to Lindsey. So as he stepped up to the guy, rubbed his rapidly growing erection against that threadbare hip, he couldn't help but bite the tip of his tongue at the shiver and jerk he got in return.

"'Preciate it, pet. I do try."

Lindsey was so hyper-aware of the man that he could feel the heat of him long before he was actually touched, but nothing could have prepared him for the lewd grind of Spike's hard on against his hip.

He jerked, breath stilling in his throat as his head spun around to look at the man, knowing his face showed his shock but unable to hide it.

Unable to believe he'd just walked up and rubbed up against him like that.

He shifted, half swearing he could feel the heat of him through the worn jeans. Not moving away from him but not pressing in, either, Spike so close already that he could barely breathe, never mind focus.

Voice surprisingly even. "I'm sorry, did you want somethin'?"

Spike smiled, the grin welcoming just as his eyes sparkled with nothing but devilish laughter. "I guess not. I'm so sorry for being a bother."

He stepped away, never breaking eye contact as he backed up against the work table and leaned onto it, one hip cocked as he nodded to the car.

"As you were, then."

The kid was a bit of fun, no doubt about that. And Spike would love, truly love to have a go. But he didn't work hard for his sex. Saved his energy for the main event when it came to playing games.

They always came to him anyway, in the end. And those who didn't...well, they simply weren't the time. Hope they had a jolly old life.

Either way, he was having a good time with Lindsey. Even if he didn't get a little piece with his unscheduled roadside stop, didn't mean that this morning wouldn't be remembered as a bonus. This one could be wank material for a solid month or two, easy.

Casting him a wary glance, Lindsey nodded and glanced back down at what he'd been doing. Trying to remember what it was that he'd been doing.

He had to admit, he hadn't expected the man to back off that easily and he was more than a little disappointed, but he just hadn't been expecting him to be quite so.. forward.

It had always been a sidestep and a half to get around to it before. But, he reminded himself with a snort, those guys hadn't been anything like this one.

Slid his eyes over to the blonde as his hands worked on their own, going through motions more familiar to them than tying his shoes. Watching Spike from under his lashes for a moment, then straightening again, wiping across his temple with his forearm.

"Why don't you start her up, see if she starts alright," he told him, jerking his head towards the drivers side as he dropped the hood back down.

Spike's eyes never left Lindsey. Not for a second. Smirked as he caught every stiff shift of shoulders and every shy look in his direction. The kid was definitely a pro, considering he worked on Spike's engine with barely a glance in its direction.

Palmed the keys as he pushed off from the work table with his hips, sauntering over slowly. Was too enticing once he got there though, stopping in front of Lindsey once again with a small groan of annoyance.

"Now Linds my love, didn't I ask you to take it for a test run before I ride off into the sunset?" He leaned forward, hands planting themselves on either side of those slim hips as he crowded Lindsey.

"Would be so disappointed if things didn't get started soon."

Lindsey grinned at the man, a cocky flash of teeth even as his pulse drummed harder in the base of his throat as Spike came in close again. Practically pinning him against the car. His senses filled with the heat of him, the sharp, enticing smell.

He didn’t know what to think about the casual endearments and pet names that fell so easily off the blonde’s tongue, but he had to admit they went a long way towards easing the weirdness of flirting with a complete stranger. And damn did he love how his name sounded on Spike’s lips.

Eyes darkening as he was caught in the older man's, he stared up for a long moment before speaking.

"I just want you to start her up, let me hear how it sounds. Don't worry, I won't be lettin' you leave without takin' it for a ride since you so kindly offered," he told him, voice a little thicker, huskier, than he'd like.

Giving the innocent words an overtone he hadn't really intended, but meant anyway.

Something inside Spike nearly crowed with triumph at the husky purr of Lindsey's voice, the bright blue going dark as he looked Spike dead in the eye.

Brave boy.

"You are so right, I apologize. I'd be happy to start her up." His own head was getting thick, hazy, having a hard time following what was innuendo and what was shop talk. All sounded like innuendo to him, anyway.

"But I do ask that you remember one thing."

He closed the distance for the first time, thighs to thighs, hips to hips, chests to chests. Groaned at the feel of Lindsey filling against him, making it impossible not to rock imperceptibly against that delightful friction there as he tucked the car keys back into his pocket. He didn’t think he’d be needing them anytime soon.

"In the end, I'm always the one who drives."

Lindsey trembled.

And moaned, deep and soft in his throat, but he refused to acknowledge that, cutting off the involuntary sound as soon as he realized he was making it.

But.. God. He couldn't really blame himself for it, the feel of the older man's body pressing over him, pressing in.. it was better than anything he could remember feeling in a long time.

His lips parted to answer Spike before the words made any real sense, lashes fluttering soft against flushing cheeks when they did become clear, what exactly it was that the man was saying. Cursing himself but unable to keep back the faint stain of color.

"I.. yeah." He cleared his throat, eyes finally darting down and away, then back up boldly, raking his hair back from his face.

"Got it. Wasn't expecting anything less.”

Spike sucked in a breath as Lindsey moaned and shuddered against him, unable to stop his hips from hitching and pressing in. And still the guy was insisting on looking him in the eyes.

That sure as hell was going to come in handy later.

Forced the younger man farther back still, bending him over the hood of his own car as he leered over that trembling body.

"Exactly what I was hoping for."

The first kiss was only a second longer than a brush but the finest fucking thing Spike had ever done in his life up to that moment, breath shaky as he leaned in for another, another. The tension nearly crackling between their mouths, every muscle prepped and tight to do something, anything, but not making a move. Not yet.

"Exactly what I was hoping for..."

Lindsey couldn't remember anything so simple, so light, ever feeling so damn good. His experience with kissing guys was always harder, harsher, as if they felt they had to be rougher to prove that they were still guys.

Hands hesitating between bracing himself on the car or Spike's shoulders, he gave in slowly and slid his palms over firm muscles, gripping for balance as he was pressed even further back. Off balance in more ways than one.

Every soft brush of the older man's mouth over his made him gasp silently, as if every touch was a surprise, lips parting slowly. Opening under the light touches, warm and lazy but tight with tension.

His thighs parting almost imperceptibly for the hips pressing against his own.

He must be fucking crazy to be doing this on the hood of his car. The piece of junk cost him his first born with a few hunks of his soul for good measure. Thinking about doing this was completely fucking stupid.

But hell, he could always get the paint job fixed.

Had always been a kink of his to fuck someone stupid on the hood of his convertible, just seemed like a right sexy thing to do. And now all he could think about was stripping Lindsey bare, seeing all that tan skin spread out over the bright, shining cherry red...

Knocked open Lindsey's thighs carefully, sliding his knees in between those legs as he wrapped a hand around one sharp hip and groaned into the guy's mouth. Rocking slow, maddeningly slow across him.

Mouth and tongue running over Lindsey's as he spoke, purred out his words right past the boy's lips.

"What gets you hot, pet? What's really going to get you screaming for me?"

Lindsey moaned again as Spike slid even more snugly against him, the knee knocking open his thighs drawing a shudder from him as he quickly starting losing all pretense of being unaffected. Like he'd been able to pull it off so far.

Everything going strangely both sharp and fuzzy as the older man groaned against his mouth and rubbed against him in a slow, grinding motion, eyes rolling back into his head as he surrendered without a whimper.

At least until those words were murmured hotly against his mouth, the reality of them drawing a choked hitching sound from his throat.

Pulled back, half bent back over the hood of Spike's car as he licked over his lips and drawled out huskily, "If you can't figure all that out on your own, you must not be as good as you're seemin' to think you are."

One of Spike’s eyebrows raised itself high, amusement a little more distant than before. "Well, there really is no way to shut up that mouth of yours, is there? Must get you into quite a bit of trouble."

Planted both hands on either side of Lindsey, effectively pinning him once again. Didn't mind that the bloke had the urge to lay down that much farther for him. "Was trying to find out what you liked, mate. But if you're going to be such a little brat about it..."

His teeth skimmed over the jaw still stubbled from the night before. "Guess I'll just have to try everything then."

Lindsey had to laugh at that, though the sound quickly hitched into a groan at the feel of those teeth grazing over his jaw, lips parting in a silent 'oh' before curving back into a cocky smirk. Preferring the role of 'brat' over the truth, being he didn't know what he liked, not really.

Wasn't like he was gonna say, 'I'm not sure, one time wasn't all that great and the other I was drunk off my ass,' was he?

Flexed his fingertips into the man's shoulders, more off balance than before as he shivered and murmured, "Everything works."

Spike laughed low as he scraped his teeth down that long column of throat. "Everything might take a while, sweetheart. Let's see how long you last..."

Thumbed the fly on the boy's jeans open, leaving it undone as a small tease for them both as he slid his fingers up under the tshirt that had been flirting with him all morning. Mouth watering as all that gorgeous tan skin was revealed, waiting or him.

"Aren't you a delicious looking thing." He hiked the shirt up, hand curling over his shoulder as he bent down and began licking absent trails along the boy's stomach.

Moaning at the taste of salt and sun embedded there.

He was still caught up in the sensations those teeth wrought through him when everything in him clenched in anticipation at the feel of those long fingers tugging open the front of his jeans. Practically sagged back against the car as they slid up under his shirt instead, dragging it high over his chest.

If the cold metal had Lindsey arching slightly off the hood, the scalding mouth licking along his skin had him forgetting all about it, a long, drawn-out shiver quivering through his body. Stomach muscles twitching and jerking under Spike's mouth as he bit at his lip.

He was starting to wonder himself just how long he'd last if just the man's mouth on his skin caused such a intense sensation.

"Ah, yeah," whispered out almost silently, hips hitching up to press Spike’s mouth more firmly against him.

Spike slid his hands underneath the guy, easily keeping him supported against his face as he laid random patterns over every spare inch of flesh he could find.

Let his left hand trail firm fingertips down Lindsey's spine, down under the waistband of those jeans that were getting tighter by the second. Couldn't resist wriggling his fingers in though, pressing his palm flat and snug to Lindsey's lower back, mouth latched onto that throbbing pulse.

He hummed as he rubbed his own abs up and down the hard length pressing into him there, grinding Lindsey's dick up and down himself. Just enough to keep him hard and aching for it as he took his time.

Those hands were driving Lindsey insane, almost as much as the blonde's mouth as it slid hot over his skin, groaning low and rough in his throat as he shifted against Spike's palms. Hips pressing up to lift his ass off the car, silent plea for the man's hand to slide even further down.

Caught between that strong hand and the unyielding abdomen pressing and rubbing down against his cock, he was glad that he was already almost lying flat because he didn't think his knees would hold him through all the combined sensations.

"Jesus," he bit out softly, breath starting to pant through flushed, parted lips.

Wondered if this was the first time for little Lindsey. No, he was putting on an act way too confident for that. But Spike was pretty certain this was the first time it was going to be actually good. That was, if the gasping and writhing were any indication.

It took a moment but Lindsey's shirt was soon disposed off, tossed forgotten somewhere over the car's top. Spike practically purred as he took in all the gorgeous skin laid out for him, hand running from collarbone to navel as he pulled Lindsey's slim hips tight to his own. Lovely from top to bottom, that was definitely the best way to describe him.

Let his fingers drag over one tightening nipple, body throbbing to do more than brush there. Wanting to flick, lave, bite. Do all the wicked little things that Spike took pride in doing so well.

Bent down and nibbled along the lower curve of the kid's chest, kissing and nipping all the way up to the join of shoulder and collarbone. Murmuring hot into Lindsey's skin as his mouth drifted down to that taut nub.

"Fucking delicious."

Lindsey jerked, back arching off the smooth, cold metal as that devilish mouth slid over his skin, a choked gasp coming from him as Spike's teeth scraped over one hard nipple. Sparks sliding hot and fiery down through his body, straight to his dick.

Hips grinding up against the older man's with sharp, stilted movements as his hot mouth sucked and licked, making him throb and ache.

His fingers inched up from those hard shoulders, trailing over Spike's warm skin to delve hesitantly into the stiffly gelled white-blonde hair. Feeling it soften slightly under his grasping fingers, gripping it tighter as he squirmed under the man's mouth, body.

Fuck, it was already so much different than anything he'd ever experienced with anyone else.

He sucked along the gorgeous collarbone that stood out farther with every heaving breath. Jesus, if this kid got any harder and kept rubbing off on his stomach just like that, Spike was going to come right there.

Slid his mouth back up to Lindsey's, hands sliding up ticklish ribs to pluck and rub over those tight little nipples. Working them careful, gentle, getting all sorts of maddening reactions as he rocked against the boy.

"God, get so damn hot..."

Actually feeling his eyes roll back as those talented fingers pinched and rolled his nipples, Lindsey’s hips jerked up against the hard cock now rubbing against his. Gasping out a moan into Spike's hot mouth.

Couldn't believe how easy it was for the man to get him so hot already. Made him eager to see what fucking would be like with him. If they got around to it before he exploded first.

He growled soft against those lips over his, grinding up against him impatiently as his fingers tightened in the blonde hair, voice thick and low.

"Want you."

Oh goddamn. He didn't have to tell Spike twice.

With a demand like that it was impossible not to lift off and flip the boy against the hood, hard dick grinding against that perfect ass. "Oh, you're going to get me. Just hope you can take it."

Yanked roughly at the half-undone jeans, hearing a few more choice rips form as they finally gave and slipped over those round curves. Fuck, even Lindsey's ass was perfect, firm and smooth, the kind of ass that was impossible not to dig your fingers into, try to bruise and leave your mark on.

Whipped his shirt off and threw it away somewhere, immediately latching onto one of Lindsey's ears not a second later as he undid his own fly. Hissed as his dick found warm skin, grinding hard against the soft, flexing globes.

Lindsey’s head was still spinning as he shuddered from the scalding, hard flesh pressing and rubbing along the crease of his ass, back bowing, head falling forwards heavily. Bracing against the car, wincing as he heard his dad's voice in his head to 'get his damn fool ass off that car' but unable to find it in him to worry too badly about it.

The slick, cool metal of the hood felt surprisingly good under the sensitive skin of his dick and he moaned as he shifted his hips against it, panting slightly as his lashes fluttered under the onslaught of sensations. Soft whimpering sound echoing in the empty garage as the hot mouth sucking and biting at his ear, the car under him and the rock-hard cock grinding against his ass combined to make his knees even weaker than they already were.

"Fuck.. Please.." he groaned out, pressing back against the other man, voice hitching as that pressed Spike's cock even harder against his ass, blunt head slipping down to nudge and bump against his aching balls.

Spike couldn't help the dark grin as he watched the guy scrabble and press his palms into the car, trying to find something, anything to hold onto but only finding smooth metal.

Completely off-balance. This was truly going to be a revelation.

Growled in frustration at the thought he didn't have lube, teeth sinking into that fleshy part of Lindsey's shoulder to smother the sound. Didn't want to move one fucking inch, but no way was doing this dry going to keep the mood hot for long. Still, he worried the skin under his mouth as he thrust himself against the boy, head rubbing maddeningly against those heavy balls.

Body warring against any idea of going anywhere.

"Goddammit." Sucked at his teeth marks, licking and teasing with the tip of his tongue as he put it off that much longer. "Don't move."

Shoved himself off the younger man as he rounded the car and ripped the passenger side door open to get to the glove box. There was a small tube of lube in there and a few random rubbers that he kept for last-minute details and deal closers and ripped one condom open with his teeth as he came back behind Lindsey.

Dick hard and weeping as he rocked himself against the guy's ass some more.

Shaking his head mentally as he wondered what he was getting into with a man who kept condoms and lube in his car, Lindsey was just way too far gone to care. Was grateful, as a matter of fact, ‘cause it’d take a lot longer for him to walk to the house and grab some.

Spread his thighs best as he was able with his jeans trapped down around them as Spike rounded the Porsche again, palms sliding over the hood.

Fuck, he'd never needed anyone this bad. Never been one to lose his cool so badly but he didn't care he was bent over the hood of the man's car like a whore, he just wanted it.

Shuddered, teeth biting into his bottom lip to stifle a moan when the older man rocked against him, grinding his ass back against him. Feel of that thick cock rubbing along him making his toes curl hard in his boots, body flushing hot in the suddenly stuffy garage.

Spike’s hands were clumsy as he rolled the condom on, slicking himself with lube before leaning over the boy. Long, talented fingers slid down the cleft of that perfect, round ass, finally finding his goal with a hitched sigh.

"Damn, you're a tight one, yeah?" He popped a fingertip past the tight muscle, eyes rolling up in the back of his head as he popped it back out and in. "God, gonna feel so good on the end of my dick."

Worked his finger in deeper, deeper, stroking and caressing Lindsey from the inside out as he stretched him. Needed to get at least a second finger in, but it took him what felt like nearly a lifetime to get the guy under him ready for that much.

When Spike stroked over that small button of nerves inside though, it was more than worth the effort.

Lindsey hissed out a choked breath as that fingertip popped in and out of him, teasing him beyond reason and making him squirm and rub his aching dick along the sleek hood of the car. Hips rocking and twisting pleadingly.

Needing so much more but loving the stretch each time that finger slid in from being out.

He moaned roughly, his back arching, an almost violent tremble running through the muscles in it as Spike's finger drove in deeper, harder, the still pretty unfamiliar sensation causing him to squirm. He was panting and whimpering low in his throat, head almost pressing into the hood of the car, by the time the older man had worked in the second finger.

Thighs flexing, fingers pressing in hard on the slippery finish of the hood at the pleasurable burn. Grateful he was taking his time but still so fucking needy that it was almost torture.

A sharp hitching gasp quickly turned to a shuddering moan as those fingertips brushed over that place, eyes flying wide as he jerked and cried out at every stroke, rub. Spike leaving his fingers buried deep to torment and drive him out of his mind without mercy.

"Oh fuck, please. Come on, please, just fuck me already," he choked out, skin feeling tight and hot, pulse throbbing just under his jaw in time with the ache in his dick.

"God, fuck yes. Just like that."

Wasn't even sure what he was talking about but fuck it was just what he had wanted. Two fingers were enough for now. There had been enough teasing for the both of them.

Was panting as he took hold of himself, eyes locked on that tight ring as he pressed himself to it, got slowly sucked inside as Lindsey started to give.

He went slow, didn't want to hurt him after all, but it was so hard not to just sink in and pump away into that grasping, snug little channel.

Rocked his hips carefully, wrapping an arm around Lindsey to palm that heavy set of balls, that long, weeping cock that was smearing itself all over his billion dollar paint job. He stroked him in time as he sank in inch by inch, fingers occasionally running between cock and balls to play with the soft skin there.

The slow, maddeningly slow, sink of that hard, thick cock inside him was driving Lindsey out of his mind. Not that he wasn't relieved that Spike wasn't just slamming into him but the slow slide made every motion, every stretch, last forever.

Muscles in his back and thighs trembling hard as he cried out, panting through his flushed lips as his forehead dipped down almost to the sleek hood. His body felt weighted down, every part of him heavy and aching.

Every stroke of Spike's hand in time with those slow, gradual slides inside and out pulled fresh sounds from his throat, trying in vain to spread his thighs wider, rock back against him harder.

Eyes startled from the sheer pleasure of every press into him, against him, unable to believe it could feel like that.

Every single reaction that was wrought from Lindsey only made him more hot, more insistent as he sank into the hilt. His mouth found that long, salty neck, both of them already gleaming with the simple exertion of not ripping each other to shreds to get off.

Bit and scraped at the tender flesh as he started thrusting into Lindsey, chest plastered to him as he worked his hips in and out. His teeth latched onto an ear again, gnawing and snapping it as the need started to take over his body.

"Fuck, so fuckin' tight and bloody hot as hell."

Lindsey shuddered as the slow heat consuming his body turned scalding as it rushed over him with every thrust, every bite and lick of his skin. Panted, arms straining with the effort of keeping himself braced over the car as Spike fucked into him, driving him against the cool metal.

"Oh, Jesus fuck," he growled out, licking over his dry lips, tasting the salt there.

Eyes fluttering as he tried to take everything the older man was driving into him, every stroke and touch and slide of his mouth, snap of his teeth.

Felt pinned, chest pressing into the car as Spike flattened down against his back, pinned and bent over, spread for the man, being taken harder now. Every thrust driving choked cries from his mouth.

Man, this one knew how to spread and take it. Spike’d thought he would have fought it a little harder than this after that initial resistance, but what had unfolded was sooo much better than working for it.

If he had to work for it, just seemed to be a waste of time. Why talk when you could just give it up for him and shag already?

His hips stared snapping, the sound of flesh on flesh filling the garage as he snarled and practically ate Lindsey whole. Put his weight into pinning the poor guy to the hood, trapping him, making him take it, control everything he got.

His smile dark and hot as he pumped away into the wailing, willing body beneath him.

Loved getting his way.

Stroked the boy faster and faster, thumbing the head on every other stroke or so, working him up to burning as Lindsey throbbed in his hand. Aching to make him scream, cry, beg for it all and more.

"Oh fuck, fuck," he gasped out, voice low and rasping as he shuddered and writhed under Spike's body. Practically flattened to the hood of the car, sweaty skin sticking and sliding against the metal, hands unable to brace against anything.

Didn't think he could take much more, the heavy cock driving up into him, the hand tugging and stroking his dick, the hot mouth biting along his neck, shoulder, panting hot against his ear.

Choked cries and muffled grunts combining with the smacking sounds as Spike's hips snapped against his ass, pulse throbbing so loud in his head that every other sound seemed distant.

Spike was wrapped around the bloke as best he could be and he could feel the end of the ride barreling up the pass. Didn't want this to ever end, not ever, but with Lindsey bucking and gasping underneath him it was inevitable.

"God yeah, yeah that's it, you fucking lovely bastard."

Twisted his hips just right, dragging hard over Lindsey at just the right angle to get him going, shaking. Couldn't wait to see him jerk and come all over his cock. Knew it was going to feel sodding brilliant.

Felt the heat start to prickle at the nape of his neck, mouth frozen against Lindsey's neck as his hips went faster and faster, dragging him along.

Lindsey’s body froze, back arching high as it could under Spike's weight, as the man shifted the angle, sending sparks flooding through him. Dick throbbing as his balls started to ache with how tight they were.

Soft, almost silent pleas tumbling from his lips, dizzy and breathless.

He shook under him, caught up in the building sensations, the almost painful draw of his body as his breath got shorter and shorter, almost forgetting to even breathe as his muscles tightened up. The pleasure skating along the edge of pain it was so intense.

One more thrust, one more, and he was falling off the edge, crying out roughly then almost choking as he sucked in a sobbing gasp of air, lungs burning.

Didn't care, body shuddering and shaking through what had to be the best fucking orgasm he'd ever had, clenching around the thick cock still pounding into him, drawing it out until he wanted to scream from it.

Spike's eyes flew wide as Lindsey came, strangling his dick until his own climax ripped through him.

Slammed himself over and over into that fluttering channel, arms shaking as he tried not to crush Lindsey. His cries were lost into Lindsey's neck, biting and snarling as he jerked and came for what felt like an eternity.

Finally pulled Lindsey up a little, hand still working his dick and balls as the younger man kept coming. His free hand drifted up of its own accord, plucking and brushing along tight nipples as he rubbed himself whorishly against the other man.

Lindsey gasped over and over, body sucking in the air he'd neglected to give it as his head spun weakly, skin shivering somewhere between too hot and chilling as the sweat slicking his skin started to cool.

Jerked with every stroke of Spike's hand over his twitching cock, aching balls, every pinch and rub over his pebbled nipples.

"Jesus, Jesus," he panted out, half-laughing as he clenched his eyes tightly closed. Knew they had to separate soon, get cleaned up and back to at least looking normal before his dad came back around. But he didn't want to move, didn't want this truly unexpected but so damn good fuck to end.

Who knew when he'd find someone else who could give it to him like that. Who would have thought he'd been craving something like that?

Slipping free with a groan, Spike turned the guy around to devour his mouth. Moaning at sensitive parts of him rubbing intimately against other parts after he got rid of the used condom and tossed it to the floor.

"Oh goddamn, that was bloody gorgeous." He laughed against Lindsey's mouth, groaning and rolling his hips. "Just so fucking lovely. Just what I needed."

Had been a truly spectacular shag, just what he'd been looking for. Exactly what he needed to take the edge off from this horrendous day or two.

Lindsey arched against the now slightly more slick hood, rubbing up against the softening cock sliding along his own as Spike rolled his hips against him. Moaning soft into the hot mouth biting and licking at his, his tongue sliding hot along Spike's.

A short laugh came from his chest as he cocked his head back and grinned up at the blonde, arching a brow as he licked over his flushed and swollen lips. "We do aim to please."

He stretched and grimaced slightly at the sticky feeling now coating the small of his back along with the front. Winking lazily as he reached up to pull Spike's mouth back down to his again.

"No extra charge."
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  • Dark Deals

    This is the feedback post for darkdeals. Are your eyeballs melting at the hotness? Is it Spike taking what he feels like from little…

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